Rs.13,140 Rs.21,900

The tranquility of turquoise on Organza and Zarri canvas! The Mehru outfit sails a flawless spring ship with its intricate kali and embroidery on the front and back bodice. The hint of pink and gilt elements dredge the whole monotone outfit in a festive jacuzzi.

• 1 Piece Embroidered 8 Hand Embellished Front
•1 Piece Embroidered Back Bodice On Organza
•6 Piece Embroidered Front Kali on Organza
•6 Piece Embroidered Back Kali on Organza
•4m Embroidered Front and Back Border On
Zarri Fabric
•1 Piece Embroidered Sleeves On Organza
•1 Piece Embroidered Sleeve Border On Zarri
• 2.75 Yard Embroidered Dupatta On Organza
• 2 Yards Raw Silk for Under Shirt
•4 Yards Dyed Jama War for Trousers

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